Hello my Beautiful people!

Welcome to my page lovelies.

The desire to be a makeup artist didn’t come to me as fast as I thought it would, but I’m glad it did… My puzzle is finally complete, It is no longer missing its piece.

As I sat in my bedroom bored to death one day I said to myself “OMG! I’m going to be a makeup artist” I  have always been very artistic. In school, I would always get in trouble for dozing off and doodling all over my notebook. I knew I was good at drawing and soon became even better at painting. (I even won a bunch of certificates and metals for a lot of my work). So I figure instead of painting on a canvas why not utilize my creative artistry skills onto beautiful people whom now I consider my canvas. 🙂

I started reading all the fashion magazines (ripping out all of the makeup looks and plastering them all over my wall) —absorbing the tricks of the trade and the do’s and don’ts of wearing makeup day-to-day.  I learned a lot from books. One of my very 1st books was  “Making Faces”, by Kevyn Aucoin. (I recommend any upcoming makeup artist to buy all of his books – u’ll thank me lol) Later, I would realize that bringing out the best in people by emphasizing their natural beauty was not only rewarding for me, but has a powerful effect on how people feel about themselves. There is nothing that makes me happier to hear someone say “OMG! WOW, I look Amazing Jenn”

This is just the beginning for me. I’m going to be famous one day…. you’ll see

xoxo Jenn

One thought on “Hello my Beautiful people!

  1. Hey jenny, it’s me Denise just wanted to let u know that I really do love ur make-up work. It is amazing the talent that u have. God defenitly blessed you with the gift of an artist at hand. And I have faith in u that u will become that famous make-up artist that u want to become. U go girl with ur bad self!!!!! LOVE YA,Denise

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