October = Busy!

Wow! I can’t tell you guys how extremely overjoyed I am. This month has been nothing but great for me, it all comes to show you when you remain consistent and follow your dreams anything can happen just believe and have faith in yourself and everything will fall into place. I’ve been working so so hard my paychecks have went straight to makeup, I think I forgot how it feels to shop for clothes lol This past weekend, I had the honor of working with two amazing photographers on a free shoot to build up my portfolio. I met some amazing girls and overall had a good time (can’t wait to show you guys the pics) still waiting for the picture’s to be edited etc. On to the good news….  after sending out my resume like a mad woman — I got a call from the creative manager for a group called “Futuristic Lingo” they are having a major videoshoot this Saturday. The video is called “Natural” and it will be featured on Canal Plus TV program  www.canalplus.fr in France and Europe, several blogs, and it will also be featured on www.worldstarhiphop.com the good part is she saw my blog and called me to be the makeup artist for the shoot. (yea lil ol’ me) lol and of course I said yes! The look they’re going for is “Futuristic glam rock” PERFECT! I get to do what I’m great at “Dramatic eye looks” yayyyyyyyyyyy! (not saying I can’t pull off a classic regular day look but I just enjoy dramatic) As soooon as I get the pictures, videos, blogs etc. I’ll post them. This is HUGE and such a great look for my resume/port. If all goes well, I can possibly be their official makeup artist. Ok, ok, ok enough blogging I need to get to work now,   just thought i’d fill you guys in with the new scoop ;)….  wish me luck xoxo

P.S: Isn’t my new layout fantastical! Thanks again to my amazing friend/web designer Shak! you’re the best!


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