Dinair Makeup

Aside from all the MAC makeup I want for Christmas, I really, really, REALLY want this Dinair airbrush makeup kit (hint hint). The prices aren’t bad either. It retails for $199-$389 and it comes in 13 different colors (of course I want the pink one) It also includes a few samples of Dinair Airbrush Foundation, Moist & Dewy Moisturizer and a Free DVD & live phone lessons. Check out their website. http://www.airbrushmakeup.com

2 thoughts on “Dinair Makeup

  1. Since you’ve researched about this, how precise is the application of the airbrush foundation to your face? Does it brush on evenly and how do you feel about the difference between the manual application of foundation vs airbrush???

  2. Hey go girl! I didnt know u had a blog, so kool. Anyway first off I love ur 10 min smokey eye, Idont get crazy with makeup cuz I never have the time. I’m always getting ready in a rush, I would need like 30 more min for the 10 min smokey eye. Anyway I had to comment on the Airrush makeup. I just got Luminess Air for xmas and I am in love with air brush makeup. First of all not only does it cut the application time in half but it also last all day even thru to the next morning (I stayed over the boos house and he was like damn u look beautiful even when u wake up lol that was my lil secret) so I absolutely recommend it. The makeup is water based so its not even heavy like the other stuff (I used to use Makeup Forever which I still use out and about) and the finish really is flawless. Anyway go for it, let me know how it works out.

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