The Lab: Commercial Shoot

Guess who has the bear head on haha!

Whenever my friends at thelabnyc need a makeup artist, I’m their go-to-girl. A month or so ago they asked me to do a commercial shoot. By looking at the pictures you can tell we definitely had a good time. The concept of the commercial was: a business man gets in an elevator and hits his floor like any other day. He sees however a new button, which is just a swirl. He pushes it. As he approaches the floor you hear this crazy techno music. the doors open revealing a really little room, packed to the gills with about 10 people, bumping to the music. Theres a stilt walker, a midget cooking hot dogs, dancing-girls and guys, all with crazy wigs, neon jewelry, and sparkles. The guy gets depressed because he’s not having a good time. The doors close, but just before the seal, one of the girls rips off a pastie she’s wearing and throws it into the elevator, landing right on his forehead. As the doors open on his floor he is now all decked out in party gear, ready for work.

The commercial is still unavailable for viewing but once it is I know you guys are going to love it.

PS: Special thanks to  and Joanne my lovely assistant.


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