MAC Interview:

Guess who is officially apart of the MAC team!?………. MEEEE! lol

I’ve been holding out on the good news for some time because I was waiting for MAC to confirm with me before sharing. So let me tell you how it went down. On Wednesday, August 3rd, I decided it was time to go out and hand out my resume to a few makeup counters. My first stop was 42nd street (Times Square) since it’s the closest MAC to my job then I would work my way down to 14th Street. I was feeling extra confident and looking very well put-together (if i must say so myself lol). I didn’t exaggerate with the makeup. Due to the humidity,  I wore my favorite lipstick from Mattese Elite in Swinger (which was a big hit) and a fierce cat eye with my hair slicked back in a bun. I walked into MAC and went straight to the register and asked if I could speak to a manager. The manager that I spoke to told me she instantly noticed me when I walked in because I had a “unique look” I thought how freakin’ cool is that! Anyway, I gave her my resume and she told me she would put in a good word. As I was on the train heading to the MAC on 34th Street, I received a voice mail  from one of the manager’s at 42nd street saying they want me to interview. I called them back and they told me my interview would take place August 11th and I had to wear all black and bring a model. I can’t tell you how elated I was.

On the day of the interview I arrived a half-an-hour early with my model. I wore a plain black shirt w/ a bulky chain, black jeans, and black pumps. My hair was slicked back in a bun – again, I kept my makeup very classy. I added a touch of liner with some falsies, on my lips I wore Lady Danger from MAC,  and completed the look with my black vintage glasses. My whole theory is “less is always more”. After waiting in the waiting room I was called with one other girl to have my verbal interview. We sat in front of two senior artist and they proceeded to ask us questions e.g. “What we knew about MAC”, “What our favorite product was and how would we sell it, “Why they should hire us” – general interview questions (and yes I was extremely nervous) There’s always things you wish you would’ve said after the interview.. but oh well. After the oral interview we then had to do our demo and of course there was a catch. We had to do a daytime look and transform it into a nighttime look within 25 minutes using ONLY 6 products. I chose my 6 products and went right into it. For her daytime look I did a very fast look using pink and green with a dab of lipgoss. For her nighttime look I smoked out her eyes with a touch of black, added a liner to her top and bottom lid, put more mascara on her top and bottom lashes, and added a darker gloss. The senior artist then critiqued our work. To my surprise, he didn’t really say anything bad… he told me he liked the eyes and that it was “very modern” the that the liner was very neat. The only thing he said I should’ve done was add a little more blush to the apple of her cheeks (that was the only thing I did not grab so I improvised with the eyeshadow which didn’t do much) Overall, I was happy with my look and I felt I did a good job considering the time frame. He told me he would let the other artist know how I did and they would give me a call.

On August 19th while on my lunch break — they called me and told me they were offering me a freelance position… Of course I said YES! He told me to go in on 8/26 to fill out paperwork. I’m assuming when I go in on Friday, I’ll know more or less where and when I’ll be working. I am beyond excited… and I heard from a friend they now offer training for freelancer’s. I CAN”T WAIT to be inspireddddd! My goal is to eventually work their full-time, but of course I will  pay my dues and show them why they should hire me full-time. I am all for it — BRING ON THE CHALLENGE! I will keep you all posted. I hope this helps any other makeup artist who is looking to pursue a job at MAC.


My model Angie and I after the interview.

7 thoughts on “MAC Interview:

  1. Congratulations Jen!! Are you referring to the Mac in Grandcentral because I work right across the street from there… I shop at the Mac at timesquare though, but I will def go to that one if your there!!!

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