Jennifer Marie by: Doves

Awhile back I had a photoshoot in honor of all the old school “Lo heads” and when I say Lo I mean polo, but not just any polo… It’s vintage unique pieces you have trouble finding now-a-days. Well, the feedback from that shoot was HUGE! One well-known Lo head/Graffiti Artist who is super talented named Doves loved my photo’s and did this AMAZING portrait of me on a canvas. When he emailed me the photo I was beyond ecstatic — I’ve never had someone paint me before so I was really appreciative. The best part about it is he’s going to have an upcoming event displaying all of his art and my picture is going to be apart of the gallery. As the day approaches, I will let all know about it but till then check out his blog if you want to see some hot graffiti pieces.

Thanks again Doves!


The canvas

The actual photo

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