MAC Basic Training: 2012

After working with MAC for several months now, I finally completed Basic today and I have to say it was lots of fun and extremely informative! For those of you who don’t know what basic is, it’s a training MAC sends all of their employee’s to for five days (Sorta like beauty school). During the five days we are taught anything and everything you need to know about MAC. From product knowledge, customer service, makeup application, different skin texture & shades, to face charts, highlighting contouring and even verbage (FABCE). We got to work one-on-one with each other to create different makeup looks while our trainer walked around and critiqued us. I really enjoyed this opportunity since I am a self-taught makeup artist and never really had any “real” training. The best part about the training is we get certified AHHHH…. I can’t wait till I’m working backstage at New York Fashion Week — My day will come soon.

Below are some of the pictures I got to take starting from day one to day five.

   Doodling like always! 20120320-191010.jpg20120320-191022.jpgJessica (my trainer) showing us the proper way to highlite and contour the face. 20120320-191032.jpg20120320-191049.jpg20120320-191058.jpgTaking some notes 20120320-191126.jpg20120320-191143.jpgWho remembers these lashes? they are discontinued. 😦20120320-191153.jpg20120320-191227.jpg20120320-191215.jpg20120320-191302.jpgMy lovely little partner Adrianna after I did a lip demo on her using Lady Danger. 20120320-191347.jpgFacechart workshop (My Fav) — can you tell I just love doing them Everyone working hard on their facechart. 20120320-191430.jpgThee most awesome trainer, Sandy. Love her! (excuse the poor lighting)Jessica demonstrating a Bridal lookPrepping the skin The final look (It looked so much better in person, but the lighting sucked)I transformed her bridal look into a dark smokey look by adding some lashes and carbon. haha We teamed up into groups to play a product knowledge game of course my team won woooohoooo team Viva girlzz rockkkk! lol 20120320-191531.jpgOur last day of training awww… 😦

7 thoughts on “MAC Basic Training: 2012

  1. I remember my MAC basic training, last year in Nashville, TN. It was so much fun, learned so much and made bond with friends I will never forget and still keep in touch with. MAC is so good to their employees!

  2. I have to say that this has made me even more excited to possibly work at MAC. I applied the other day. And while im already a freelance makeup artist of my own i would love the opportunity to become apart of a team and to further and continue to work in my passion. Thanks for posting and going into detail with pictures, it really gave me a good insight. 🙂


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