Where it all began:

20120425-223541.jpg20120425-223609.jpg20120425-223640.jpg20120425-223559.jpg20120425-223632.jpgThis is where it all began…. Before the makeup, I would paint every day of my life in elementary school. My teacher at the time would always tell me I was very talented and if I continued to paint I would only get better at my craft. ( I wish I still had my old paintings that were hung all over the classroom to show). In HS, my favorite class of course was art, but I wasn’t painting as much and then I just stopped completely. When I moved into my new place last year — I bought an easel and some canvases in hopes that I would one day find the inspiration to paint again… and I did today. I am a bit rusty I must admit but I think I did an awesome job. I can’t wait to hang this up in my apartment.

xoxo Jennifer

6 thoughts on “Where it all began:

  1. Wow I like that you are channeling your talent and bringing it all back to where it started.. Sometimes it takes that to inspire, and be inspired again. Kudos!!

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